Personal Account Preferences

Click the Account link next to your username to update your Faspex account preferences, including email address, notification options, maximum listed rows, and password.
  • Preferences: Change preferences for your email address, notifications, table rows, and IBM Aspera Connect prompts.
  • Change Password: Change your Faspex account password.
  • Edit Contacts: Delete external email addresses and other contacts that have been added to your contacts list.
  • Edit Distribution Lists: Create and edit distribution lists for package recipients.


Email Settings

Option Description
E-mail Enter your email address to receive electronic notifications from Faspex. Admins have the ability to disable users from changing their email addresses. For more information, see Configuring Security Settings.
Upload notifications If you would like to be notified (via email) after you have uploaded a package successfully, select Upload notification and input your faspex account. Notify additional users from your contacts list by clicking the + button.
Download notifications If you would like to be notified (via email) after recipients download your package successfully, select this feature and enter your faspex account. Notify additional users from your contacts list by clicking the + button.
Email me when I receive a package Select to be notified when new packages are received.
Email me when I download a package Select to be notified when new packages are downloaded.
Include me in workgroup notifications for packages I send Select to be notified when a workgroup receives your package(s).


Option Description
Max rows per page For a package or an account list, set how many rows are displayed per page.
Enable public URL
Note: This field and checkbox does not appear if (1) Public URLs are disabled server-wide or (2) Public URLs have been disabled for this particular user.
A public URL allows external senders to submit packages to registered users and dropboxes. External senders no longer need to be individually invited to submit a package, although that functionality still exists. For more information, see Enabling and Sharing your Public URL.

You can enable or disable the Enable public URL feature for your account, as long as Public URLs are allowed by your admin.

Change Password

Option Description
Old Password Enter your current password.
New Password Enter a new password. Based on your Faspex Server settings, this password may need to be a strong password that contains at least six characters (with a minimum of one letter, one number and one symbol).
Password Confirmation Confirm your new password and click Change Password.

Edit Contacts

If you are permitted to send packages to external email addresses, and you have sent files to a new email address, Faspex automatically saves the recipient in your contact list. If your account has also been configured with Keep user directory private set to Yes, each recipient of your packages and each sender to you is automatically added to your contact list. To remove external email addresses from your contact list, click the Remove link.

Edit Distribution Lists

When you select Edit Distribution Lists, Faspex lists your existing distribution lists, if any, and gives you the choice of editing the existing lists or creating a new list.

To create a new list, click the Add New Distribution List link.

For Name, enter a name for your distribution list. For Contacts, click

to open a list of user and workgroup names to choose from.

  • Do not choose a name for your distribution list that is the same as a member user or workgroup name.
  • A package cannot be sent if any recipient in the distribution list is an invalid user. If a user is external and sending to external users is disabled, the external user would be considered invalid, regardless of whether the email address is active.

To modify or delete a distribution list, go to Account > Edit Distribution Lists. In addition to allowing you to add a new distribution list, this shows your existing lists and allow you to change list names, add or remove contacts, or delete the list altogether.