Review Directory Service Requirements

IBM Aspera Faspex supports the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and can be configured to connect to a directory service. The following directory service databases are supported:

  • 389/Red Hat/Fedora Directory Server
  • Apple Open Directory
  • Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

Important Information

  • Directory service syncing is accomplished through a Faspex background service that must be kept running.
  • When removing a directory service group, users in that group are deactivated instead of removed.
  • When an user exists in multiple directory service groups, removing one of the groups doesn't affect the user. The user is deactivated only when all the user's directory service groups are removed.
  • An activated directory service group is shown as "Active" in the status column. If it shows otherwise, click View Operation History to read the Active Directory operation log and identify the problem.
  • Directory services and SAML should not be enabled together.