Managing Dropbox Members

Dropboxes in Faspex are listed under the Workgroups page. The Workgroups page displays a list of workgroups; dropboxes are designated by Dropbox under the Type column.
  1. To add or remove members, select the Dropbox from the list by clicking its name. Then click View Members.
  2. Add a user to the dropbox.
    • Add directory service user: If your Faspex server has Directory Services configured and you have imported one or more DS groups, then you can also add the DS users or groups. For more information about configuring DS, see the topic Working with Directory Services (DS).
    • Add an existing user: Type in the user's name and click the Add User button.
    • Create a new user: Click the Create new user link. For more information on creating new users, see Managing Faspex Users.
    The account appears in the members list. For information on adding outside submitters, see Inviting an Outside Contributor to Send to Dropbox
  3. Manage user settings.
    You can manage members by checking the appropriate members and selecting the Members actions drop-down menu and choosing one of the following actions and clicking OK:
    Action Description
    Set standard access Designate selected members as standard users of the dropbox. Permissions are defined by the dropbox settings.
    Set submit-only access Limit selected users to only submit packages to the dropbox and prohibit them from downloading packages.
    Set as dropbox admin Designate selected members as dropbox admins. Dropbox admins manage specific dropboxes according to the permissions set for that role in that dropbox. If allowed by an admin, dropbox admins can add or remove dropbox members and can create new regular users to add to the dropbox.
    • Dropbox admins cannot change the dropbox settings. That can only be done by Faspex admin or manager.
    • Dropbox admins cannot set a custom dropbox inbox. That can only be done by Faspex admin or manager.
    Deactivate Deactivate a member. A deactivated member cannot perform dropbox functions, but the account remains in the dropbox list.
    Activate Activate a deactivated member.
    Remove Remove a member from the dropbox. This action does not remove the user from Faspex.