Inviting an Outside Contributor to Send to Dropbox

If your dropbox configuration allows it, you can also click the Invite Outside Submitter link to send an invitation to a user not using IBM Aspera Faspex.

  1. Go to Workgroups and select your dropbox. Select Invite Outside Submitter
  2. Enter the external email address of the invited submitter.
  3. Select submission link expiration options:
    • After one successful upload: The outside submitter can only submit one package.
    • On a specific date: The outside submitter has until the date selected to submit to the dropbox.
    • Never: The link works as long as the dropbox exists, or until the outside submitter is removed from the dropbox.
    Warning: When outside submitters are invited to access a dropbox, they are not prevented from sharing the upload link with others. Faspex records the IP address used to submit packages, but Faspex cannot verify that the person using the link is the intended contributor. If this is a concern to your organization, you can identify one of two security options when sending an invitation to an outside submitter: the submission link expires after one successful upload completion or the submission link expires on a specific date. In the case of expiration after the completion of a successful upload, it is possible for an outside submitter to initiate parallel uploads using a single link to submit multiple packages.
  4. Click Save to send an invitation email to the email address with the submission link.
You can configure your invitation email by modifying the email template. For more information on configuring email templates, see Configuring Email Notification Templates.
Note: After inviting an outside submitter, you can view the upload access URL or resend the invitation. Go to Workgroups and select your dropbox. Select View Members. Find the outside contributor in the members list and select either see access URL or resend invitation.