Configuring Email Notification Templates

  1. Go to Server > Notifications and select an email template. For a list of supported email templates, see Email Notification Template Types.
  2. When you select one of these notification types, you can edit its respective content by clicking Customize Using Template or Edit HTML.
    • Customize Using Template: Create an email template by filling out a form. You can use special text strings that are replaced in the actual email by the appropriate values. For a list of the available text strings for each notification type, see Email Notification Template Text Strings.
      Tip: You can select the Show all recipients in package information option to list all public and CC recipients in the email notification.
      Important: Do not use HTML code or the < and > symbols when customizing using the template.
    • Edit HTML: Create an email template with HTML code.
      Tip: For a list of allowed HTML tags and attributes, see Available HTML Tags and Attributes in Faspex.
  3. Click Generate E-mail and Save.
If you made changes you want to revert, you can reload the template's default settings by clicking Load Defaults.