Allowing Users to Send to External Email Addresses

Configure IBM Aspera Faspex to allow users to send packages to external email addresses not associated with a Faspex account.

  1. Go to Server > Configuration > Security and find the Outside email addresses section.
  2. Select Allow sending to external email addresses and choose Allow.

    Choosing Allow enables all users to send to external email addresses by default. An admin can enable or disable this feature for specific users from the Accounts page, while still retaining the global setting.

  3. Configure invitation link expiration.
    You can choose to expire the invitation link after a set number of days, after one successful upload, both, or none. If After one successful upload is configured, this limit applies even if the package download link is forwarded. After the first download, the package must be resent for a recipient to download the package again.
  4. Allow users to set a custom link expiration policy. This is enabled by default.
All your Faspex accounts can now send packages to external email addresses. You can configure permissions for each individual user by going to Accounts and selecting the user you want to configure. For more information on configuring user permissions, see Managing Faspex Users.

When a user sends to an external email address that is not associated with an existing Faspex user, Faspex creates a new external user with that email address. To explicitly send a package to an existing external user, add (external) to the email address. For example, enter (external).