Inviting External Senders

The following steps assume an admin has configured Faspex to allow inviting external senders (users who do not have Faspex accounts). For more information, see Allowing External Users to Send to Faspex Users.
  1. Go to Received and click the Invitations link.
  2. Click on New to send an invitation.
  3. Enter the outside sender's email address
  4. If you want to offer further information or further instruction, enter a description.
  5. Choose a link expiration policy. If you do not enable Custom link expiration policy, Faspex uses the server default link expiration setting.
    The submission link expiration options include the following:
    • After one upload: Delete the submission link after one successful upload
    • After 3 days: Delete the submission link on a specific date (which you need to input)

    You can enable both features. The link expires whenever either of the conditions are met.

  6. Click Save.
    Faspex sends the external user an email with a submission link. The external user can upload a package to Faspex from that link.

You can view all your invitations by going back to Received > Invitations.

Here, you can perform the following operations:

  • You can Resend the submission link email.
  • You can Delete the invitation, which removes the sender from this list and prevents them from using the submission link.
  • You can see the URL submission link that was sent to the user.