Logging In to Faspex with SAML

  1. Open a supported browser and enter the Faspex hostname or IP address followed by /aspera/faspex in the browser URL. For example:


    Note: For security reasons, Faspex versions 4.0.3 and later by default only allow login using the hostname that is configured in the faspex.yml configuration file (the hostname you designated during installation). If you try to log in to the application from an unlisted hostname or perform a GET request with an unlisted hostname, Faspex returns the error, "Invalid hostname". To access Faspex from an alternate hostname, follow the instructions in the Configuring Alternate Addresses section of Configuring the Faspex Web Server.
    If Faspex has been configured with a default SAML IdP for authentication, Faspex automatically redirects you to the SAML login page of the default SAML IdP. If you need to authenticate with a different SAML IdP, see Bypassing the SAML Redirect.
  2. Enter your SAML login credentials.