Applying Metadata Profile to Normal Packages

Metadata profiles require users to include additional information when sending a package. You must choose and apply a metadata profile to Faspex packages to include the fields in the metadata profile. For information about applying metadata profiles to dropboxes, see Creating a Dropbox.
  1. Go to Server > Metadata.
  2. Select a profile for normal packages from the Profile for normal packages drop-down menu.

    The selected profile modifies the New Package Form. For more information, see Sending a New Package.
  3. Select Save metadata to file to save the package metadata to its root directory as an XML file. You can use the XML data for post-processing and automation.
    The metadata filename follows the format: aspera-metadata-package_uuid.xml. For example, a sample filename could be: aspera-metadata-42dfda4c-ff05-4f61-8d82-f89c0523d799.xml.

    You can configure Faspex to include the metadata file in the package itself, instead of being placed at the root directory of the package. To enable this, set the SaveMetadataInPackage option to true in the production section of the faspex.yml configuration file. The faspex.yml file is located in the following directory:

    OS Version Location
    Windows 32-bit C:\Program Files\Aspera\Faspex\config\faspex.yml
    Windows 64-bit C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Faspex\config\faspex.yml
        SaveMetadataInPackage: true
    After saving changes in faspex.yml, restart Faspex.
    asctl faspex:restart
    Now, whenever you select Save metadata to file, Faspex inserts the metadata file in the package and users can view it in the package contents.