Configuring Alternate Addresses for Faspex

If you have a group of external users who must log into Faspex through a different IP address or domain name, you can configure alternate IP addresses or domain name to use to authenticate to Faspex.

  1. Select Enable alternate address > Add alternate address to add a new address.

    Alternate addresses support comma-delimited Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR), allowing you to specify multiple subnets or a specific range of addresses. For example:,,10.0.0.*

  2. Fill in the address name and the description to include in email notifications.
  3. Choose whether this alternate address is available for email templates to use.
  4. Click Update to finish.

You can include any configured alternate IP addresses with the Show in emails option enabled the ALTERNATE_ADDRESS_# email variable, where # is the number corresponding to the alternate address you want to include. For more information about customizing email notifications, see Configuring Email Notification Templates.