Configure Package Storage Expiration

Change the default package expiration time, as well as what to do with packages after they are downloaded by recipients. Within the IBM Aspera Faspex Web UI, go to Server > Configuration > Package Storage to view or modify your server's package expiration and deletion behavior. After modifying these settings, you must click the Update button to save your changes.

Configuration Option Description
Packages expire Once a package is uploaded to Faspex, the link to view the package will expire after the specified number of days.
After packages are downloaded Select from one of the following auto-deletion rules:
  • Do nothing: Do not auto-delete after the package is downloaded.
  • Delete files after any recipient downloads all files: Delete after any recipient downloads all files in the package once.
    Important: When this option is selected, a forwarded package can be potentially deleted before the original recipient has downloaded it. Thus, proceed with caution when selecting this option.
  • Delete files after all recipients download all files: Delete if all files in the package have been downloaded by all recipients.
Allow all users to set their own delete setting on a package-by-package basis Enable users to set package expiration when creating a new package.
Important: The package storage location is your local docroot plus the directory specified under your file storage settings. The source location is the remote node's docroot plus the file share location.
Important: When a package is marked for deletion after download, any packages that point to the files contained therein will not be accessible once the original package is downloaded. This condition could potentially lead to forwarded package files being inaccessible if they are forwarded before being downloaded by the original recipient.