Configuring Transfer Options

Download Over HTTP

Field Description
Enable HTTP falback  

Initial Default Transfer Rate

Field Description
Initial upload rate Specify the target upload rate
Initial download rate Specify the target download rate
Lock minimum rate and policy Prevent clients from adjusting their transfer policy or minimum transfer rate

Server Information

Field Description
Upload target rate cap Specify the maximum upload rate
Download target rate cap Specify the maximum download rate

Aspera Connect Settings

Field Description
Minimum connect version The minimum version of the IBM Aspera Connect that can be used to transfer with Faspex. The version must be in the form "X.Y.Z" for example, 0.0.0.
Locally host Connect Serve Connect using the local Connect SDK instead of the Aspera CDN.
Lock Connect SDK version Prevent Faspex from automatically updating the local Connect SDK if new version become available. This setting persists across upgrades.

Server-to-Server Relay Transfer Settings

Field Description
Outgoing bandwidth Set the outgoing bandwidth for relay transfers.