User Roles

An IBM Aspera Faspex user's permissions are defined by its specific user settings and its user role. Admins assign user roles to an account when creating a new account or when configuring an account's permissions. For more information on configuring an accounts permissions, see Configure User Settings.

Faspex supports the following three user roles:
  • Admin
  • Manager
  • User
  • Workgroup Admin
To set permissions for an account in Faspex, go to Accounts for a list of existing users. Click the name of the account you want to change permissions for and choose the desired role.
Tip: You can also define a user as a workgroup admin. This role is assigned and managed from Workgroups, whereas the other user roles are assigned and managed from Accounts. For more information, see Working with Workgroups.


All users can send packages through Faspex. Normal users typically do not manage other users or workgroups.


The manager role gives a user permissions to manage other Faspex accounts. Managers can create, edit, or delete workgroups and regular users. However, they cannot create new managers, edit admin accounts, or promote another user to admin or manager roles. Managers do not have access to the Server tab, nor can they change the Faspex server configuration (a privilege limited to admins).

Tip: Assigning the manager role to users allows you to separate server administration and account administration, delegating the burden of administration to two different groups.


Admins can configure Faspex from the Server tab. They can create, edit, and delete every type of Faspex user (admins, managers, and regular users) as well as create, edit, or delete workgroups.

Workgroup Admins

The workgroup admin role is assigned and managed when configuring Workgroups. not from a user's account settings. For details, see Working with Workgroups. A user can be designated as a "workgroup admin" (by a Faspex admin or manager). Workgroup admins manage specific workgroups according to the permissions set for that role in that workgroup.