Custom Inboxes

Custom inboxes allow you to store files sent to a workgroup at a custom location. Custom inboxes can be a directory on the local node or a directory on a configured remote server node. For more information on adding nodes to Faspex, see Adding a Node to Faspex.

When configuring a workgroup and selecting a custom inbox destination, note the following:
  • Only Faspex admins can set the location of a workgroup inbox. Workgroup admins do not have this power.
  • Incoming packages are stored in two locations: the custom location and the server default location. When packages are deleted from the default location through the Web UI, they are not automatically removed from the custom location. Select the Upload directly to custom inbox option to prevent Faspex from storing a copy in the server default location if this workgroup is the only recipient of a package.
  • To hide a package from the workgroup inbox, go to Workgroups, click the workgroup name, and click the Archive link for the package you want to hide.
  • Even if symbolic links are enabled for a storage location, packages sent to a workgroup or dropbox with a custom inbox are not symbolic links. The default inbox location contains symbolic links, but custom inboxes contain actual files.