File Relay

File relay enables you to forward all packages sent to a workgroup or dropbox to multiple remote destinations. When you create or modify a workgroup or dropbox, you can select multiple file relay destinations. You can also specify for each destination whether override is enabled and the list of users to be notified.

All packages sent to this workgroup or dropbox are uploaded to the local Faspex server. They are then relayed to a custom inbox (if set up), preserving directory structures, and then sent to remote destinations without any directory structures.

Note: If a custom inbox and a remote destination are used at the same time, files are relayed to both synchronously. The custom inbox shows the transfer status until the transfer succeeds. After that, the status to the remote destination is displayed. However, if the transfer to the custom inbox fails, the custom inbox shows an error, and the status of the transfer to the remote destination is not available.

In the Server > Notifications section, you can use the Relay Started CC email template to notify users when package forwarding is started, a Relay Finished CC email template to let users know when package forwarding is completed, and a Relay Error CC email template to notify users when package forwarding has failed. For details see Configuring Email Notification Templates.