Creating a Workgroup

In IBM Aspera Faspex, you can use workgroups to determine how the users in a group transfer files and to whom the users can send packages to. Admins and managers can set up workgroups, but workgroup admins cannot create workgroups. Workgroup admins manage specific workgroups according to the permissions set in that workgroup.
  1. To create a workgroup, go to Workgroups from the menu. Select Create New > Workgroup.
  2. Enter a workgroup name and a description of the workgroup.
  3. Choose your workgroup's inbox destination. This is the location where packages sent to the workgroup are stored.
    • Server default: Use the node and directory set by the admin as the server default.
    • Custom: Choose from the list of local and remote nodes as the default location for your custom inbox.
      Note: Incoming packages are stored in two locations: the custom location and the server default location. When packages are deleted from the default location through the Web UI, they are not automatically removed from the custom location. Select the Upload directly to custom inbox option to prevent Faspex from storing a copy in the server default location if this workgroup is the only recipient of a package.
  4. Optional: Enable file relay.

    File relay enables you to forward all packages sent to a workgroup or dropbox to multiple remote destinations. When you create or modify a workgroup or dropbox, you can select multiple file relay destinations. You can also specify for each destination whether override is enabled and the list of users to be notified. For more information about file relay, see File Relay.

  5. Set workgroup permissions for sending packages to the workgroup.
    • Open: Anyone can send to this workgroup
    • Private: Only members can send to this workgroup
    • Moderated: Only the workgroup admin can send to this workgroup
    • Restricted: No one can send to this workgroup
  6. Set workgroup permissions for workgroup members sending packages to each other.
    • Full: Members granted permission to see and send to each other
    • Workgroup admins only: Members granted permission to see and send to workgroup admins
    • Restricted: Only workgroup admins granted permission to see and send to individual members of the workgroup
  7. Set permissions for workgroup admins.
    You can give workgroup admins permission to take the following actions:
    • Add existing Faspex users to the workgroup and remove workgroup members as long as they are not workgroup admins.
    • Create new users as members of this workgroup and edit, delete, or remove them after their creation.
    • Add or remove directory service groups as members of this workgroup.
  8. Click Create.
Your new workgroup should now be listed on the Workgroups page along with any other existing dropboxes or workgroups.