Creating SAML Groups

SAML groups are created in IBM Aspera Faspex one of two ways:

  • Creating a SAML group in Faspex using the application and then logging in as a SAML user in the new group. The Faspex SAML group is mapped to the external SAML group.
  • Logging in using SAML credentials creates a Shares SAML group mapped to the external SAML group.

The following instructions describe how to create a SAML group in Faspex using the web application.

  1. When SAML is enabled, you can create SAML groups by navigating to Accounts > SAML Groups.
  2. Click New Group to create a SAML group.
  3. Enter the group name, which is the distinguished name (DN).

  4. Click Edit Additional Permissions to configure parameters such as keeping the user directory private, IP addresses for downloading and uploading, and package deletion parameters.
  5. Click Create to create the SAML group.
To view and manage your SAML group, click Actions to activate, deactivate, or remove existing groups. The Sync option is not available for SAML groups.

Note: If a user belongs to only one group and that group is deactivated, the user cannot login anymore. However, if a user belongs to multiple groups and at least one of these groups is active, the user is able to log in.