Monitoring Transfers

You can monitor and adjust file transfer speed by clicking to open the IBM Aspera Connect Transfer Monitor dialog. If you have sufficient server privileges and your transfer server is configured to allow it, you may modify the following in this dialog:
Field Value
Transfer progress bar Adjust the file transfer speed by clicking and sliding the transfer progress bar.
Click to view the destination folder of the transferred files.
Click to stop the transfer session.
Transfer policy:
  • Fixed
  • High
  • Fair
  • Low
Select the transfer policy from the drop-down list:
  • The transfer transmits data at a rate equal to the target rate, although this may impact the performance of other traffic present on the network.
  • The transfer rate is adjusted to use the available bandwidth up to the maximum rate.
  • The transfer attempts to transmit data at a rate equal to the target rate. If network conditions do not permit that, it transfers at a rate lower than the target rate, but not less than the minimum rate.
  • The transfer rate is less aggressive than Fair when sharing bandwidth with other network traffic. When congestion occurs, the transfer rate is decreased to the minimum rate, until other traffic retreats.
Note: You can only switch between High and Fair transfer policies if the host is IBM Aspera Enterprise Server version 3.0 or later.