Creating a Personal Distribution List

You can configure personal distribution lists to send packages to a list of email addresses and Faspex users. Each distribution list consists of a comma-separated list of email addresses or Faspex usernames. The items in the list are not validated until you try to send a package to the list.

Faspex lists your existing distribution lists on the Edit Dstribution Lists page (Account > Edit Distribution Lists) and presents the choice of editing existing lists, duplicating a global list, or creating a new list. You cannot edit global distribution lists from this page, but you can duplicate the list and then edit the duplicated list.

  1. Go to Account > Edit Distribution Lists and create a new distribution list.
    • Create a new distribution list by clicking Add New Distribution List.
    • Duplicate an existing global list by clicking the Duplicate link for the global list.
      Note: If a global distribution list has the same name as a personal distribution list, the personal list takes precedence over the global list if the user enters that name when sending a package.
  2. Name the distribution list.
    Important: Do not choose a name for your distribution list that is the same as a member user or workgroup name.
  3. Enter up to 50 contacts. Contacts can be email addresses or Faspex usernames.

    You cannot send packages to a distribution list if any recipient in the list is an invalid user. For example, if a user is an external user and the option to send to external users is disabled, the external user is considered invalid and package sending fails.

    If the admin enables the Ignore invalid recipients option, package sending does not fail even if the list contains an invalid user. Faspex skips any invalid user and delivers the package to all valid recipients in the list.

    Note: To send explicitly to external users, you must append (external) to the email address (or Faspex automatically expands the email to existing Faspex users or creates a Faspex user for the email. For example, to send to, add (external) to the distribution list. For more information on email expansion, see Package Recipient Expansion by Email Address.
    You can enter email addresses in three ways.
    • Type email addresses or Faspex usernames into the Contacts field.
    • Click the (plus) button to import contacts from your Faspex contacts list.
    • Click the Browse button to import contacts from the chosen CSV file.
      Note: The CSV file must include a single column containing only email addresses to properly import contacts.
  4. Click Create.
After creating a distribution list, the list appears on the Editing Distribution Lists page. You can edit the name and contacts list, or import contacts by clicking Import Contacts from CSV. After making changes, click Update Distribution Lists to save the changes. You can also delete distribution lists by clicking the Delete link for the list.