Enabling and Sharing your Public URL

A public URL allows external senders to submit packages to registered users and dropboxes. When a public URL is enabled and shared to an external sender, the external sender can take the following actions to send a package.

  1. The external sender clicks the shared Public URL.
  2. The sender is directed to a page and asked to enter an email address.
  3. A private link is automatically emailed to the sender.
  4. The sender clicks the private link and is automatically redirected to a package submission page.
  5. Once the package is submitted through the private link, the user can download the package by going to Received.
The following describes how to enable a public link on your account. An admin must first enable the Public URL feature for your account or for the server. For more information, contact your system admin.
  1. Click the Account link next to your username.
  2. Go to the Misc section on the Preferences page and select Enable public URL.
  3. Click Update preferences.
  4. Go to Received.
    Your public URL is displayed under Received Packages.

  5. Click the button to copy the public URL to your clipboard.
  6. Send the public URL to the external sender.