Viewing and Downloading Packages

  1. View your received packages.
    • Download a package you received: Go to Received.
    • Download a package you sent: Go to Sent.
  2. Optional: Sort your packages.

    In the packages list, you can click the header bar links to sort your packages. For example, when clicking Sender, all packages are sorted alphabetically by sender's name.

  3. Click the button to download a package.
    Once you have initiated the download, you are asked to confirm your download directory; after which, Faspex prompts the IBM Aspera Connect to start a session. When the Confirm window appears, click Allow to begin.
    Note: When downloading a received package, the Connect prompts the user for a passphrase if the package is encrypted. The Connect also prompts for a passphrase if the package contains any .aspera-env files within the folder hierarchy, even if the package also contains unencrypted files or files encrypted with different passphrases. If you choose to keep downloaded files encrypted, you do not need to enter a password until you attempt to decrypt the files locally. For more information about decrypting protected files, see Decrypting Protected Files.