Package Recipient Expansion by Email Address

Faspex automatically converts email addresses in recipient fields to existing Faspex users associated with the same email addresses. If there are multiple users associated with an email address, the address expands to all matching users. If a user exists whose username is the entered email address, the email address is not expanded and the package or notification is sent to that user only.

Faspex expands emails in the following fields:
  • New package To field
  • New package CC Upload field
  • New package CC Download field
  • New package CC Recipients field
  • Distribution lists Contacts field

Package Recipient Expansion with External users

When creating a new package, if the sender enters an email address in the To field, Faspex detects whether there are existing Faspex users associated with the entered email and handles entered email addresses in one of the following ways:
  • If there are existing users, the To field suggestions drop-down is auto-populated with the Faspex users that the sender has permissions to send to.
  • If there are no existing users or the sender does not have permissions to send to any existing users, the To field does not display any suggestions. If the sender sends to the email address anyway, Faspex notifies that the sender does not have adequate permissions.
  • If there are no existing Faspex users share the email address and the sender is allowed to send to external email addresses, Faspex automatically creates a new external user with the email address.
If you explicitly append (external) to an entered email address (for example,, Faspex does not check for the associated users and transfers the package to the external email address.