Downloading Packages for Workgroup

If you are a member of an IBM Aspera Faspex Workgroup, you can download file packages that have been sent to your Workgroup from the Workgroups tab.

Downloading a Package

To download a package, click or click the package name to advance to its Details page.

From the Details page, you can either browse and download individual files, or click the Download Entire Package link to download the entire package.

Once you have initiated the download, you are asked to confirm your download directory. Faspex prompts IBM Aspera Connect to start a session. When the Confirm window appears, click Allow to begin.

Archiving Old Packages

You can shorten the downloaded packages list by moving packages into archive. To archive a passage, click the Archive link within the under the Actions column. To view archived packages, click the View Full History link.

Note: Only global admins and workgroup admins can archive packages. Regular workgroup members cannot archive packages.