Bypassing the SAML Redirect

If Faspex has been configured with a default SAML IdP for authentication, Faspex automatically redirects you to the SAML login page of the default SAML IdP. If you need to authenticate with a different SAML IdP, you can access the correct IdP through the methods below.

Logging In to a SAML IdP from the Local Login Page

To bypass the automatic redirect and go to the local login page, add login?local=true to the end of the Faspex url. For example:

On the local login page, you can choose to log in with the SAML IdPs an admin has chosen to display on the local login page.

Accessing a SAML IdP Using a Domain URL

Admins can configuer a domain URL for a SAML IdP, which users can access to authenticate to Faspex with the corresponding IdP. If an admin has configured a domain URL for your IdP, you can follow that URL to authenticate with that IdP. need to access a SAML IdP that is not the default IdP, you can use domain URLs to directly access a SAML configuration. Contact your admin for more information and go to the domain URL once it is provided by your admin.