Error Messages

This section describes error messages that you might encounter when setting up or using the Aspera Add-in. Note that these error messages are limited to those generated by the Aspera Add-in. You may receive an error message that has been generated by the remote server, in which case you should check your server's configuration.

Error Message Description
Aspera Add-In requires additional software to be installed. Would you like to install this software now? Verify that Connect is installed on your machine. To do this, go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. If Connect does not appear in the list, return to the error message and click Install Now. Or download the MSI file from

If Connect does appear in the list of programs, try removing it and then re-installing.

Unable to generate tokens for the requested URIs A message from Faspex signaling a bad request or invalid credentials. Check your configuration.
Aspera Faspex: unable to reach Aspera Faspex Faspex may be offline. Check your configuration.
The Aspera Add-In requires a Faspex installation of version 2.6.6 or higher. The Aspera Add-in is compatible with Faspex 2.6.6+. Contact Aspera to upgrade your version of Faspex and your license.
The remote name could not be resolved: 'yourFaspexserver domain' This error is triggered when you attempt to set up an account on a computer that is offline. The Aspera Add-in verifies the address and must be connected to the Internet. Check this computer's Internet connection.