This section demonstrates the process for receiving Faspex packages email using the Aspera Add-in. When you click Send/Receive in Outlook, emails are downloaded from your server. You have two options for retrieving Faspex packages that are attached to emails:

In the example below, you can click the Download Package link to navigate to your organization's Faspex website and download your package from the Internet.

Alternatively, if you open the email message within Outlook (by double-clicking it), you can save the package attachment to your computer. The default download location is designated in the Aspera Add-in's Settings. See Account Settings for additional information.

Note: Your system administrator may have pre-configured your download settings. If these have been locked, you cannot modify them from Outlook. Please contact your administrator for assistance.

Note: If the sender has enabled content protection for this Faspex package, you must input the same passphrase to decrypt the protected files.