Gathering and Zipping Up All Logs for Support

Aspera Technical Support often requires system logs to help troubleshoot errors. The following command gathers the logs created by IBM Aspera Shares, background processes, and stats collector into a .zip file that can be sent to Aspera Technical Support.

Gather and zip up logs for support:
Run this command in one line:
tar czvf /tmp/shares-logs-backup-`date "+%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S"`.tar.gz \
  /opt/aspera/shares/u/shares/log/production.log* \
  /opt/aspera/shares/var/log/shares-background-0/current \
  /opt/aspera/shares/var/log/shares-background-0/*.s \
  /opt/aspera/shares/u/stats-collector/logs/statscollector.*log* \