Node Management Rake Tasks

The following rake tasks cover how to create and delete a node.
Tip: Square brackets in usage statements denote optional arguments and need not be included when running the commands.
Note: Linux users must navigate to /opt/aspera/shares/u/shares/bin/ in the Terminal before running rake tasks.

Create Node

Command Usage
rake data:node:create -- --name <name> --host <host> --api_username <api_username> --api_password [--options <value>
<api_password> [--options]
./run rake data:node:create -- --name aspera --host localhost --api_username 
xfer1 --api_password 3x@mp13_p@zzw0rd
Note: You must create a node user and password to finish creating the new node. Refer to the Setting up Node Users section in the Enterprise Server Administrator Guide for instructions on how to create a node user.

Delete Node

Command Usage
rake data:node:delete -- --name <name>
./run rake data:node:delete -- --name aspera

Update Node

Command Usage
rake data:node:update -- --name <name> [--options]
./run rake data:node:update -- --name aspera 


When running the create and update tasks above, you can add the following options to your command to edit their values:
Option Default
--port <port> 9092
--ssl (true | false) true
--verify_ssl (true | false) false
--timeout <timeout> 30
--open_timeout <open_timeout> 10