Restart Shares Services

Some troubleshooting fixes may require that you stop, start, or restart one or more IBM Aspera Shares services.

Restarting All Shares Services

Run the following commands to restart all Shares services at once.

# service aspera-shares stop
# service aspera-shares start

Restarting Individual Services

Follow this syntax:
Restart a service:
#/opt/aspera/shares/sbin/sv restart [command service]
For example, to start and stop the stats-collector command service:
# /opt/aspera/shares/sbin/sv restart stats-collector
Note: Command services support all sv commands including stop, start, and restart.
Command services include:
  • crond
  • mysqld
  • nginx
  • shares-background-0
  • stats-collector
Tip: The shares-background-0 command service runs scheduled jobs in queue, such as sending emails.