Adding a SAML User to a Local Groups

If there are specific SAML users you want to manage in Shares instead of in SAML, you can add these SAML users to a local Shares group.
Note: You cannot add DS users to a local group.
  1. Import SAML user.
    Import the SAML group the user is a member of into Shares by logging in as a user in that SAML group. A SAML group is automatically created when a user logs in using SAML credentials. For more information on creating SAML groups, refer to Creating SAML Groups.
  2. Create new Shares group.
    Navigate to Admin > Groups and select New. Give your group a name and select Create Group.
  3. Add the imported SAML user.
    Within your new group, select the Members tab, select the SAML user from the dropdown, then click the Add button.