Setting Up the SMTP Server

  1. Select Admin > SMTP to configure the SMTP email server for IBM Aspera Shares.
  2. To add a server's SMTP settings, select the SMTP option and complete the form, which requests the following information:
    Server SMTP server address
    Port SMTP port
    Domain Domain name
    Use TLS if available Aspera recommends turning TLS (Transport Layer Security) on to secure your email server.
    Timeout The timeout for connecting to SMTP servers. The default is 3 seconds.
    Username Email username
    Password Email password
    From Email sender’s address
  3. To debug the SMTP server settings, click Send Test Email.
    Note: If you get the error "Net::SMTPUnknownError: could not get 3xx (550)" when sending a test message, you might be blocked by your domain as a potential spammer. Aspera recommends that you set an SPF record for your domain to identify which mail servers are allowed to send email on behalf of your domain. For more information about SPF and how to create an SPF record, see

After you have configured the SMTP server, you can return to this page to view all Shares activity related to it in the Activity tab. Each reported activity event is accompanied by a tag. You can click the tag to find related activities.

You can also perform an activity event search by clicking Search and entering the requisite information.