Backing Up Shares and the Database

Tip: The Shares web UI and nginx service will still be available while performing a backup.
  1. Create a backup directory.

    You must create a backup directory before proceeding to the next step. To do so, run the following in a command prompt, where C:\backups is your backup directory:

    > mkdir C:\backups
  2. Run the backup command (in the context of the gem bundle).

    To create the Shares backup, run the following commands in a command prompt:

    > cd C:\shares\www
    > rake backup DIR=C:\backups
  3. Copy the files under C:\backups to the backup machine.
    You must back up the following files manually:
    • C:\shares\www\config\database.yml
    • C:\shares\nginx\conf\cert.pem
    • C:\shares\nginx\conf\cert.key
For instructions on how to restore a backup of Shares, see Restoring Shares from a Backup.