Browsing Shares

When you browse a share, you see all files and directories within that share.

You can also search for a directory name and sort the directory list. You can perform following actions on a directory or directories:
Action Description
Bookmark Create a shortcut to the selected directory. If you do not select any directory, the bookmark is the node's root directory.
Download Download the selected directory or directories using the Aspera® Connect™ browser plugin.
Upload Upload a file or folder from another machine to this node using the Aspera Connect browser plugin.
Delete Delete the selected directory or directories.
New Folder Create a new directory on the node.
Rename Rename an existing directory on the node.
Create Share Create a share for the selected directory. You can only select one directory at a time. Click Create Share to open the New Share dialog. This dialog is prepopulated with the node and directory information. To complete the other fields, see Adding Nodes.