Checking for SSH Issues

Aspera® recommends that you review your SSH log periodically for signs of a potential attack. Launch Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer. To see only SSH Server events, select View > Filter... to show the filter settings. In the Application Properties > Filter tab, select sshd in the Event source menu to display only SSH Server events. You may also apply other conditions when needed.

With a filter applied, you can review the logs in the Event Viewer main window, or select Action > Save Log File As... to export a log file using .txt or .csv format.

Look for invalid users in the log, especially a series of login attempts with common user names from the same address, usually in alphabetical order. For example:

Mar 10 18:48:02 sku sshd[1496]: Failed password for invalid user alex from port 1585 ssh2
Mar 14 23:25:52 sku sshd[1496]: Failed password for invalid user alice from port 1585 ssh2

If you have identified attacks: