Enabling and Disabling Home Shares

  1. On the Admin window, under Other, click Home Shares. The Home Shares dialog appears.

  2. To enable the automatic creation of home shares, select the check box new to Enable Home Shares. To disable home shares, leave the check box clear.
  3. From the Node drop-down list, select a node. You can also add a new node by clicking New Node. See Adding Nodes for details on how to add a node.
  4. Select the default directory or click Browse to select a different directory for the home share.
  5. Click Save.
    Note: When you disable home shares, home shares that already exist are not affected, and existing users can use their existing home shares. However, home shares for new users will not be created.
    Note: When you modify the destination directory or node for home shares, existing home shares do not change to point to the new destination. However, home shares for new users are created at the new destination.