Installing an SSL Certificate for Shares

To install an SSL certificate that you have purchased, or you have generated as described in Generate an SSL Certificate, follow the steps below.

  1. Rename the certificate files provided with IBM Aspera Shares.
    Locate the original cert.pem and cert.key files in C:\Shares\nginx\conf. Rename them as follows:
    • cert.pem to cert.pem.orig
    • cert.key to cert.key.orig
    You can also use the following commands in your command prompt window to rename the files:
    # cd C:\Shares\nginx\conf
    # move cert.pem cert.pem.orig
    # move cert.key cert.key.orig
  2. Copy your new SSL cert files to C:\Shares\nginx\conf.
    Rename the cert file cert.pem and rename the key file cert.key.
  3. Restart the web service.
    Restart nginx from Administrative Tools > Services.