Other Configurations Using Rake Tasks

The following rake tasks cover how to add or configure an LDAP, configure web server settings, and configure smtp server settings.
Tip: Square brackets in usage statements denote optional arguments and need not be included when running the commands.

Add or Configure LDAP

Command Usage
rake data:ldap_config -- --directory_type <directory_type> --name <name> [--description <description>] 
  --host <host> --port <port> [--base_dn <base_dn>] --authentication_method <authentication_method> 
  [--username <username> --password <password> --encryption <encryption>]
rake data:ldap_config -- --directory_type ActiveDirectory --name test_dir
  --host ldap.aspera.us --port 1234 --base_dn OU=AsperaDirectory,DC=aspera,DC=asperasoft,DC=com
  --authentication_method simple --username user1 --password 3x@mp13_p@zzw0rd --encryption simple_tls
Where acceptable directory types are:
  • ActiveDirectory
  • OpenDirectory
  • FedoraDirectoryServer
  • OpenLdap
Where acceptable authentication methods are:
  • anonymous
  • simple (Simple bind requires a username and a password.)
Where acceptable encryption types are:
  • unecrypted
  • simple_tls
Note: Encryption is, by default, set to unencrypted.

Configure web server settings

Command Usage
rake data:web_server -- --host <host> --port <port> --tls <tls>
rake data:web_server -- --host this.is.an.example --port 1234 --tls true

Configure smtp server settings

Command Usage
rake data:smtp_server -- --server <server> --port <port> --domain <domain> --tls <tls> --username 
  <username> --password <password> --from <from>
rake data:smtp_server -- --server example_server --port 1234 
  --domain example.domain --tls true --username <username> user1 --password 3x@mp13_p@zzw0rd 
  --from user@asperasoft.com
Note: The first time this task is run, it will create a new entry, and require an entry for all of the fields. Afterward, tunning the task again will only modify specified fields, leaving non-specified fields the same.