Moderate Self Registered Accounts

Enabling Self Registration

Self registration allows From the Admin menu, select User Security from under the Security section. Select None, Moderated, or Unmoderated from the Self registration dropdown menu to determine whether non-users can create or request user accounts. Once self-registration is enabled, the login page displays a Request an Account link that leads to a self registration form. Any submission of this form creates a prompt for admins to respond to the request under Self Registration in the Accounts section.

Moderating Requests

If there are unprocessed requests waiting for moderation, Shares displays the number of unprocessed requests next to the Self Registration link under the Accounts section. Select Self Registration to see the list of unprocessed requests. From this list, admins can choose to Approve, Deny, or Delete the user accounts.

You can also perform a search for accounts by their status: New, Approved, or Denied.

Email Notification Settings

Admins can configure whether they receive email notifications for new self registration request in their personal preferences (see Configure User Preferences). By default, admins are opted into receiving these emails. To change the default setting, see Configure Email Settings. Also see Creating Email Templates for information on customizing this email notification.