Configuring SAML

Before following the instructions below, have the following information on hand:
  1. In IBM Aspera Shares, navigate to Admin > Directories.
  2. For the SAML IdP entry, click Edit.
    The Detail tab appears with the following form:

  3. Select the check box Log in using a SAML Identity Provider.
  4. (Optional) Enable SAML login redirection.
    If enabled, entering the default Shares URL will direct users to the SAML login page. If disabled, the Shares URL will direct users to the local login page.
    Figure 1. Local login page
  5. Enter the SAML entry-point address provided by the IdP in the IdP Single Sign-On URL text box.
  6. Enter either the IdP Certificate Fingerprint or the IdP Certificate.
  7. Click Save to keep your changes, or Cancel to cancel your changes.

    A Shares administrator can bypass the SAML login and sign in with the regular login form by adding the local=true parameter to the login URL, for example: