Adding Local Users

Administrators can create local IBM Aspera Shares user accounts that are added to the local Shares database. For directory service users, see Importing Directory Service Users.

  1. From the Admin page, click Accounts > Users and click New.
  2. Enter the user's account information.
  3. Set the user password. You can do so in one of two ways:
    • Select Send login link in welcome email to send a login link through a welcome email that prompts the user to set a password.
    • Select Set password to set a temporary password on the user's behalf. Enter the following information:
      Option/Field Description
      Send welcome email Send the new user an email with the new account's username and password.
      Prompt to change password on first login Force the new user to change the account password on first login.
      Password / Password confirmation Enter and confirm the user's password.
  4. Click Create User.
After creating a user, Shares redirects you to the user's Security settings. From this page, you can also access the user's groups, shares, and transfer settings, the user's preferences, and the user's activity logs. For more information, see Configure User Settings.
Note: A new user may only log in if the number of users active in the last hour is less than the max number of users allowed by your license.