Configure Local Group Settings

You can access a group's settings and activity logs by clicking Edit for the group you wish to configure. You can view a list of groups by clicking Accounts > Groups from the Admin page.
Tab Description
Detail Update the group’s name or delete the local group from Shares.
Members Add members to the group by selecting users from the drop-down list and clicking Add. You will only see local users who have been added to Aspera Shares.
Note: You cannot add directory service users to a local group. For more information on directory service groups, see Importing Directory Service Groups..
Manage existing users by clicking Edit to modify users’ settings, or clicking Remove to delete them from the group.

When you click Edit, the individual user's configuration page appears. See Adding Local Users for details on modifying a local user's settings.

Security Configure group-specific security settings for all members.
  • Select Login to authorize all group members to log into Shares. If left clear, you may give individual users access to log in.
  • Select Admin to authorize all users with administrative permissions. If left clear, you may give individual users administrative access.

To configure users' security settings from their individual account pages, see Adding Local Users for details.

Shares Click Add Share to authorize group access to specific shares. A list of nodes and shares that are currently configured in Shares appears. Click Authorize to authorize a share.

Set the group's permissions for browsing, transferring, and performing file operations within the share. The default permission is browse. To edit these permissions or disallow the group's access to the share, click edit.

Select permissions that group members have for the authorized share. Click Update. You can disallow access to this share by clicking Delete.

Transfer Setting To override the default transfer settings for this group, click Override these settings. For more information, see Configuring Transfer Settings.

Click Save to keep the new settings or Cancel cancel setting changes. You may also click Use Inherited Settings to return to the application-wide transfer configuration.

Activity View and search for Shares activities by this group.