Configure User Settings

You can access a user's settings and activity logs by clicking Edit for the user you wish to configure. View a list of users by clicking Accounts > Users from the Admin page.
Tab Description
Detail Update the local user's name, username, and email address, or delete the local user from Shares.
Member of Add the user to a local group by selecting one from the drop-down list. Only local groups that have been added to Shares appear on this list.

After adding a local user to a local group, click Edit to modify the group's settings or click Remove to delete the user from the group.

Clicking Edit takes you to local group's configuration page. For details on modifying a local group's settings, see Adding Local Groups.
Note: You cannot add local users to a directory service group, only to local groups. For instructions on configuring directory service users, see Importing Directory Service Users.
Security You can configure the following security settings:
  • Send the user a password reset link.
  • Disable the user's account. A disabled user cannot log into Aspera Shares even if the user belongs to a group that has group access permissions.
  • Allow the user to log into Shares.
  • Make the user an administrator.
  • Allow the user to log into the API. Users who do not have Browse permissions can log into the API and perform transfer and file operations through SSH. For more information, see Shares API Permissions.
  • Set an account expiration date.
  • Set a temporary password.
Shares Displays all shares for which the user has authorization. For more information on authorizations, see Authorizing Users to a Share. If this user belongs to a local group and the group has access to a share, that share is listed here because permission to access the share is inherited from the group. To edit these permissions or disallow the local user's access to a share, click Edit.

To authorize new shares for the local user, click Add Share. A list of shares appears. Click Authorize to authorize a share.

Select permissions that the local user has for the share. After modifying the settings, click Update. You may disallow access to a share by clicking Delete.
Note: Regular users are not automatically notified when given access to a share unless they have enabled it. For instructions on enabling these email notifications, see Configure User Preferences.
Preferences Select a timezone and enter any comments.
Transfer Setting The user's default transfer settings are those of the node where the share is located. To override these defaults, click Override these settings and configure the transfer settings. For more information, see Configuring Transfer Settings.
Activity View and search for Shares activities by this user.