The Shares Home Page

When you log into IBM Aspera Shares, you land on your Shares homepage.

the Admin home page in the Shares web app
Callout Link Action
A Home Goes to your Shares home page.
B Admin Goes to the admin page.
C Errors and Warnings icon Opens a pop-up window containing a summary of errors and warnings with links to individual errors and warnings as well as the Errors and Warnings page.
D username Opens a drop-down menu with links for Preferences and Logout.
E Preferences Goes to the Preferences page. For more information, see Configure User Preferences.
F Logout Logs you out of Shares and goes to the Shares Log In window.
Note: The + is visible only if you are authorized to create shares.
Your shares are listed below this heading. If you have authorization, click + to add a new share. For more information, see Creating a Share. If Home Shares are enabled, your Home Share is listed above this heading. For more information, see Managing Home Shares.
H NODES + Click + to add a new node. For more information, see Adding Nodes. Once you have added nodes, they are listed below this heading.
I ACTIVITY Click My Activity to see and search your Shares activity. Click All Activity to see and search the activity of all users and all activities in nodes and shares.