Monitoring Shares Activity

Admins can view and search activity in IBM Aspera Shares, including user logins, share authorizations, and transfers, in the Activity page and in the Activity tab for users, groups, and directories.

Viewing Activity

All activity: On the Admin page, click Activity to go to a searchable list of all activity in Shares.

Activity by user, group, or directory service: On the Admin page, click Users, Groups, or Directories. Click Edit next to the user, group, or directory and go to the Activity tab where a searchable list of activity by that entity is displayed.

Searching Activity

Click Search to open a search dialog. Confine your search to a date range using the From and To fields. Search for specific events by typing in a keyword. Once you have entered one or more letters, Shares suggests a list of events containing the string. For example, typing share returns the following options:
  • DirectoryCreatedOnShare
  • FileRenamedOnShare
  • FilesDeletedFromShare
  • ShareAuthorizationCreated
  • ShareCreated
  • ShareDeleted
  • ShareStatusChanged

Click Search to start your search.

In the search results, to view details of an event click Show. To see a list of all events of that type, click the event name.