Using Bookmarks

Use bookmarks in Shares to save the location of a directory for quick and easy access. Saved bookmarks appear under the BOOKMARKS section in the left sidebar on the Home page. If you do not see BOOKMARKS, you do not have any saved bookmarks.

Creating a Bookmark

To create a bookmark, browse the Node or Shares directory you want to bookmark. Select a directory and click the Bookmark button. If you do not select a directory, clicking the Bookmark button bookmarks the directory you are currently browsing.
Note: You can only bookmark directories. If you select a file and click Bookmark, Shares gives the following message: "Can only bookmark directories".

Managing Bookmarks

You can edit or delete bookmarks from the left sidebar. Hovering over a bookmark reveals the drop-down arrow that allows you to perform the following actions:
Action Description
Browse Go to the directory saved by the bookmark.
Edit Change the name of the bookmark.
Note: You cannot change the bookmark directory. To change the directory, you must delete this bookmark and create a new bookmark from the desired directory.
Delete Deletes the bookmark.
Note: If you lose permission to browse a directory, bookmarks of those directories are not automatically removed. You can still access the bookmark, though you can no longer browse the directory.