Browsing Nodes

You can browse a node by clicking Browse in the node's dropdown menu or by clicking the name of the node on the home page. This opens a page that displays all directories and files on that node.

Search for a directory name by entering a word or phrase in the Name field and clicking Search. Click Advanced to limit the search by size or date modified. For more information, see Searching Nodes and Shares.

The following buttons enable you to perform actions on a directory or directories.

Action Description
Bookmark Create a shortcut to the selected directory. If you do not select any directory, the bookmark is the node's root directory. Bookmarks appear in a list above the Shares list on your home page.
Download Download the selected directory or directories using the IBM Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in. For more information, see Transferring Files.
Upload Upload a file or folder from another machine to this node using the IBM Aspera Connect Browser Plug-In. For more information, see Transferring Files.
Delete Delete the selected directory or directories.
New Folder Create a new directory on the node.
Rename Rename a directory on the node.
Create Share Create a share for the selected directory. You can only select one directory at a time. Click Create Share to open the New Share dialog. This dialog is pre-populated with the node and directory information. To complete the other fields, see Adding Nodes.
Sort Sort the directories of a node by:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Size Descending
  • Last Modified
  • Last Modified Descending