Configure Email Settings

Admins can set the default email notification settings for new IBM Aspera Shares users.
Note: Changing these preferences does not affect email settings for current users. Current users can update their own email settings. For more information see Configure User Preferences.
Go to Admin > Email > Settings. Select from the following options:
Option Description
Notify users on share authorization. Notify users when they are authorized to a new share.
Notify users on transfer complete. Notify users when a new transfer is completed to a share (and share notification is enabled).
Notify admins on user share authorization. Notify admins when a user is authorized to a share.
Note: This option is available for admins only.
Notify admins on self registration request. Notify admins when there is a new user self registration request and self registration is set to moderated. For more information, Moderate Self Registered Accounts.
Note: This option is available for admins only.