Configuring the Shares Time Zone and Time Format

Localization settings allow you to set the time zone of the Shares server and configure date and time formats.

  1. Click Admin > System Settings > Localization.
  2. Configure the following settings.
    Localization Setting Description Default
    Time Zone Set the time zone associated with the Shares server. All activity will be logged in the chosen time zone. (GMT+00:00) UTC.
    Us time zones priority Select the box to show U.S. zones at the top of the Time Zone drop-down menu.  
    Date order Set the order of day, month, and year in the date. YYYYMMDD
    Date delimiter Choose the date delimiter. - (dash)
    Time format Set the time format. 24 Hour
  3. Click Save.
Select the Reset All Defaults link to revert all changes.