Configure Nodes With Rake Tasks

Rake tasks can be used to configure and manage IBM Aspera Shares users, groups, shares, and nodes from the command line. Rake tasks must be run from the Shares shell, as described in the following steps:
  1. Go to the shares folder:
    #cd C:\Shares\www
  2. Test that your rake tasks are working correctly.
    bundle exec rake -T

The following rake tasks create, delete, and modify a node.

Tip: Square brackets in usage statements denote optional arguments and need not be included when running the commands.


When running the create and update tasks, you can add the following options to your command to set values different from the defaults:
Option Default
--port port 9092
--ssl true_or_false true
--verify_ssl true_or_false false
--timeout seconds 30
--open_timeout seconds 10

Create Node

bundle exec rake data:node:create -- --name name --host host --api_username api_username --api_password [--options value
api_password [--options]

For example:

bundle exec rake data:node:create -- --name local_node --host localhost --api_username 
node_user --api_password *********
Note: You must create a node user and password to finish creating the new node. See IBM Aspera Enterprise Server Admin Guide: Setting up Node Users for instructions on how to create a node user.

Delete Node

bundle exec rake data:node:delete -- --name name

For example:

bundle exec rake data:node:delete -- --name local_node

Update Node

bundle exec rake data:node:update -- --name name [--options]

For example:

bundle exec rake data:node:update -- --name local_node