Configure Server Settings With Rake Tasks

Rake tasks can be used to configure and manage IBM Aspera Shares users, groups, shares, and nodes from the command line. Rake tasks must be run from the Shares shell, as described in the following steps:
  1. Go to the shares folder:
    #cd C:\Shares\www
  2. Test that your rake tasks are working correctly.
    bundle exec rake -T

The following rake tasks add or configure an LDAP, configure web server settings, and configure SMTP server settings.

Tip: Square brackets in usage statements denote optional arguments and need not be included when running the commands.

Add or Configure LDAP

bundle execrake data:ldap_config -- --directory_type directory_type --name name [--description description] 
  --host host --port port [--base_dn base_dn] --authentication_method authentication_method 
  [--username username --password password --encryption encryption]
Where acceptable directory types are:
  • ActiveDirectory
  • OpenDirectory
  • FedoraDirectoryServer
  • OpenLdap
Where acceptable authentication methods are:
  • anonymous
  • simple (Simple bind requires a username and a password.)
Where acceptable encryption types are:
  • unencrypted
  • simple_tls
Note: Encryption is, by default, set to unencrypted.

For example:

bundle execrake data:ldap_config -- --directory_type ActiveDirectory --name dest_dir
  --host --port 1234 --base_dn OU=AsperaDirectory,DC=aspera,DC=asperasoft,DC=com
  --authentication_method simple --username johndoe --password ********* --encryption simple_tls

Configure Manager UI and API Permissions

Admins can allow managers to administer users and groups through the Shares UI, through the Shares API, or both, using the following rake task:
bundle exec rake data:manager_config -- --UI true/false --API true/false

For more information on manager permissions, see Configuring Manager Permissions.

Configure Host, Port, and TLS

bundle execrake data:web_server -- --host host --port port --tls tls

For example:

bundle execrake data:web_server -- --host --port 1234 --tls true

Configure SMTP Server

bundle execrake data:smtp_server -- --server server --port port --domain domain --tls tls --username 
  username --password password --from from

For example:

bundle execrake data:smtp_server -- --server --port 25 --domain --tls 1 --username 
  admin --password ******** --from
Note: The first time this task is run, the task creates requires an entry for all options. Afterward, running the task again only modifies the specified options, leaving non-specified fields the same.

Configure Custom Logo

bundle execrake data:logo:set -- --path \path\to\file

For example:

bundle execrake data:logo:set -- --path /temp/aspera_logo.jpg